5 Reasons Why You Should Have Fresh Flowers At Home

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Fresh Flowers At Home

By Alexandra Brock

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Fresh Flowers At Home
Aren’t flowers amazing?

It can be so easy to take the little things for granted, but flowers truly are a marvel of mother nature. Roughly four-million species of flowers bloom around the world, and no two flowers ever-growing exactly alike. This grand-scale puts into perspective just how special each individual flower that makes it into your home really is. 

But have you ever stopped to really ask why flowers make us so happy? You wouldn't be the only one to wonder. Research has found there is so much more these blossoming beauties can do for you and your home than just look pretty. 

Here are five of the most interesting reasons why you, and everyone you know, should keep fresh flowers in your house. 
We've all experienced the euphoria and feeling of well-being that comes with receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, but did you know that blooms have a lasting positive effect on your mindset?

It is scientifically proven that bringing nature indoors has a positive psychological effect on your mood and can greatly improve your mental health and that the presence of flowers greatly decreases stress and anxiety levels. So every time you walk past those beauties in their vase, you can get the endorphins flowing and a healthy dose of happiness. It's self-care done right.
It goes without saying that flowers can improve the smell in a room and people often choose flowers based around their scent preferences.

But it goes deeper than that. Flowers, such as roses and lavender, also help improve people’s mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere thanks to their aromatherapeutic power.

A recent study even showed that floral fragrance assists memory retention.
It’s no exaggeration to say that a little colour can go a long way.

No matter what colour, a bouquet of vibrant blooms will always have the ability to make your mood better. However, studies suggest that different colours and tones have their own unique benefits, and can help calm, de-stress or energise you.

For example, the colour yellow can create feelings of warmth, cheer and happiness, while pink promotes feelings of gratefulness and joy.
Flowers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, there is a bloom for literally every taste and occasion, therefore, it's easy to see why they make such perfect household decor. Redecorating your home? Flowers are the perfect way to complement your new household designs or to help revamp and revitalise your interior on a budget.

You can always opt to choose flowers to match different personalities depending on the type of preference and styles that you’re trying to achieve in each room of the house. The options are literally endless. 
Before you go to throw out your wilting blooms, take a moment. There are plenty of ways you can upcycle your old flowers and give them new life in a different way. Whether it’s part of your home décor or something more personal for yourself.

Flower pressing, drying flowers, create a flower wall, adding them to a luxurious bath or making a scrub from the petals are just a few DIY ways to upcycle your bouquet.