An Important Update

An Important Update

By Courtney Ray

An Important Update

It’s been a hot minute since we last graced your email inboxes, and a lot has changed in that time. We’re masked up, staying home more than ever, and adjusting to this strange new normality. But one of COVID-19’s easier to miss impacts, is that Australia is currently facing a mass flower shortage.

Despite the cancellation of most events, demand for fresh flowers has never been higher. With so many Australians separated from their loved ones, in some cases indefinitely, sending love from afar is necessary, and this is where flowers shine. But supply has not grown to meet demand. Quite the opposite. COVID-19 has made it harder than it has ever been to source locally grown flowers, or any flowers for that matter.

With all of this in mind, we have been left with no choice but to very slightly increase our prices. Although the price rise is very minor, we are dedicated to always being transparent with you, so wanted to let you know the exact impact that COVID-19 is having on your fresh flower order, and the thought going into the few dollar increase in our bouquets.

It's cold outside...

Even in years without global pandemics, winter is an especially tough time for Australian flower growers. Many local farmers grow their blooms outdoors in fields, rather than in hothouses, placing them and their blooms at the mercy of tough growing conditions. Even the bigger player growers who use hothouses experience challenges, with flowers taking longer to grow than in spring and summer. These factors combine to mean that the variety and quantity of locally grown flowers available in the cool months is very limited.


Consequently, 95 percent of the flowers sold in Australia during these tough Winter months are imported, from countries such as Ecuador and Kenya, where flower growing conditions are ideal year round. However, with current COVID-19 restrictions, importing flowers is more difficult and expensive than it has ever been. Freight costs on imports have doubled or tripled across the board, and the Australian government has placed further restrictions on flower imports due to quarantine concerns.

‘But DAILY Blooms,’ we hear you say, ‘you use locally grown flowers, why would importing affect you?’ You see, hypothetical customer, in the absence of imported flowers - which are usually the cheaper option - the bulk of Australian florists are now using locally grown flowers, which although an excellent environmental move, has made locally grown flowers more difficult to source, at the most difficult time of year to grow. All this means that prices on our favourite blooms from all suppliers have doubled, even tripled, across the board.

Seasons change...

Accessibility is a core value of DAILY Blooms, and we are committed to keeping our flowers at an affordable and fair price for all. So if the time comes that we can reduce our prices again, we will do so immediately. In the meantime, our range remains the same. You can still receive free delivery with all orders over $100, and all of our bouquets will still contain the most gorgeous selection of fresh, seasonal blooms.

We know this period is tough for everyone, and we’re so grateful that in this time, our bouquets have been a source of comfort for you and your loved ones.

Stay safe and stay home, we’re all in this together!