Do Flowers Spark Joy?

Do Flowers Spark Joy?

By Daily Blooms Australia Admin

Do Flowers Spark Joy?

Since Marie Kondo has entered our lives through her books and Netflix series I have been on a personal quest to de-clutter and tidy up.  It seems I am not alone in this quest with the 'KonMari Method' popping up in conversation everywhere I go (how times have changed!) 

So, with this new found love of tidying, I find myself wondering where do flowers fit into this new way of life? Should I avoid taking home buckets of blooms in pursuit of a more minimalist lifestyle?

In the words of Marie Kondo, do flowers spark joy?  The answer is a resounding YES from the expert herself (thank goodness!)

Marie Kondo says “I regularly keep fresh flowers in my home and my hotel rooms when I travel (my home away from home). They serve as reminders to live in the moment and to appreciate beauty as it comes.”

At Daily Blooms we are firm believers in the positive impact flowers can have on someone’s mood and mental health. Filling your home with blooms or giving someone a gift of flowers is a beautiful gesture of gratitude and life. It makes any space feel alive, fresh and beautiful. They spark JOY!

What blooms are sparking joy at DB right now? I am loving bright blue and green Hydrangeas, jewel toned Dahlias and green Banksias. Based on her Instagram account Marie Kondo is a fan of Hydrangeas too but also loves wild and natural style arrangements.

Marie Kondo's Rules To Live By

Rule 01
Commit yourself to tidying up.

Rule 02
Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

Rule 03
Finish discarding first.

Rule 04
Tidy by category, not by location.

Rule 05
Follow the right order.

Rule 06
Ask yourself if it sparks joy.

Rule 07 (Daily Blooms addition)
Fill your space with beautiful blooms.