Escape To France With Elise Pioch

Escape To France With Elise Pioch

By Daily Blooms Australia Admin

Escape To France With Elise Pioch


If perfumed candles and delicate curated objects soothe your soul, then Maison Balzac should be your new favourite brand. Splitting  her time between Sydney and France, Elise Pioch developed her products as an ode to memories from her childhood in the South of France. 
Working with perfumers in Australia, France and Mongolia, Elise has created a range of signature objects and scents that are designed to be sentimental and evoke memories or experiences. We caught up with Elise via email to delve into her creative mind and to find out how her business all began.
Could you tell us a little bit about your business? How did you originally form the idea of Maison Balzac? 
In 2012 I started the brand out of nostalgia for the south of France and my family. I was missing them both so much that I decided to bring to Australia all the perfumes and familiar objects that I loved. It worked! As I was building the brand, I was feeling more and more at home in Sydney.

Was starting your own business always an idea that you wanted to pursue? 
Yes, from a very early age I knew that one day I would express my own voice and would venture into a business that I would be proud of. I've never really liked to be managed so I had to be my own boss too! 

What would be the one most valuable piece of advice you would give to individuals staring out with their own business?
I would recommend to write down the core values and intentions of the business in a diary and to refer to it in every moment of doubt or throughout the decision making process. 

Where do you draw your inspirations from with your designs and scents?
Every scent is created by pulling a memory or a concept out of my background in France; the designs correspond to my personal taste. I studied literature with a strong focus on the Russian Ballet, Jean Cocteau, Eric Satie, contemporary dance, then studied fashion with particular interest for Coco Chanel, Balenciaga, Madame Gres and Hermes.

What has been your biggest challenge in building your own business?
The hardest has been to follow my intuition instead of following other people's advice. 

How did your collaboration with florist Doctor Cooper come about? Naturally, we are obsessed with flowers and we absolutely adore the concept of 1642.
A few months after I started the business, Lisa and I sat down next to each other at a dinner party in a restaurant. It was the first time we had met and Lisa said 'when I become famous, will you create a candle with me?' I laughed and said I would create one immediately as I loved what she was doing. The following day, she called me at 8am with the concept of 1642. It has been the biggest success of all the candles in our collection. Then Sainte T followed and became an even greater success. Everything Lisa touches, turns into gold.

What would you say is your favourite flower? 
My favourite flower is peony but ironically it doesn't smell! My second favourite is violet because it was growing wild in my parent's garden and I used to pick them up carefully, make tiny round bouquets and give them to my grandmother who loved them. 
How do you juggle your time between raising your family, renovating your house in France, and running your business from Sydney?
It is a real struggle! It feels like I never stop and never start. Mainly because of the time difference between France and Australia and also because I need to set specific hours in the day to work. At the moment I mainly work at night which is not great for my family life... my husband's full time job is to renovate the house, all I do is give stylistic direction!

What has been the most rewarding part of owning your own business?
To give it my everything since day one (time, brain space, money...) and to see it grow by 100% every year.... it's extremely satisfying to run a successful business and to be proud to say what I do.

What is next for Maison Balzac?
Maison Balzac means 'the house of Balzac' in French; I gave it this name because I dreamt of creating personal objects to fit into every room of my perfect house. Little by little we are doing just that and soon you will see our collection of tableware, furniture, books and many other quirky items to make people feel good and smile at home!


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