I recently sat down with the very talented Gemma Watts (whose job title includes editor, blogger and influencer) to talk all things flowers, fashion and fun.
This girl has been a great friend and supporter of Daily Blooms since I started the business back in 2014 and it is great to see how our careers have progressed during that time. And funnily enough – how our love of flowers continues to play a big theme in it all!

Hey Gemma, you have been working in the fashion sphere since 2012 as a writer, photographer and stylist. How did you start in this industry?
I always knew I wanted to work in the media in some capacity, and my first fashion-relevant job came in 2012, while I was still studying journalism, when I took on an internship at Universal Magazines. After I completed my internship I knew I wanted to keep writing, so I applied for a job as a Fashion Writer at Couturing. They had promoted me to Fashion Editor within a couple of months, and I held that role for about 5 years. While I was at Couturing, and still at university, I was head hunted by L’Oreal Paris to create content for their Australian website, and was eventually promoted to the editor of their ‘Get The Look’ website. I left L’Oreal when a full time position with Couturing and their sister marketing agency, C-Creative, opened up, and left late last year to focus on my freelance business.

Where do you find your inspiration for your blog, Gem K Watts?
I launched my website late last year initially as a platform to present to my freelance clients, and it seemed like a waste of digital space to not have some sort of blog functionality on there. I’d been getting a really positive response to my beauty-focused Instagram posts and they sort of evolved into little mini reviews, so I moved that content over to my blog. My Instagram following certainly isn’t huge, but from what I can gather people relate to my content because it’s pretty honest (sometimes brutally so).

As a young female go-getter, do you have any role models that you look up to and draw inspiration from?
Too many to count. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and interviews with young entrepreneurs since starting my own business- everyone from Sophia Amoruso and Leandra Medine to Sara Blakely (creator of Spanx) and Nancy Lublin (founder of Dress For Success). I’m particularly inspired by Cassandra Grey and Emily Weiss because they both weren’t happy with beauty’s spot as fashion’s little stepsister, so they respectively made conscious moves to shift beauty into the spotlight.

We know that flowers sometimes inspire fashion, what do you think will be the next big floral trend?
As far as inspiration goes, it really varies from designer to designer. Colour wise, there’s been a real emphasis on crisp white floral arrangements over the last couple of years in fashion photoshoots and product styling, and in clothing itself, but I think this year we’re going to see deeper oxbloods and rich, earthy tones popping up (Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper posted a beautiful floral table arrangement over the Christmas period featuring all those colours and it was really incredible).

What hints can you give us about upcoming trends in fashion?
After a few seasons of monochrome I think people are moving back to colour. For a while there we saw a big push for “investment buys” in black and white with people needing reassurance that they’ll get a few seasons of wear out of each buy. I’d say people are going to start injecting more colour into their staple wardrobes, starting with easy-to-wear earthy tones and eventually moving to the shocking pinks and lemon yellows Balenciaga and Celine presented at Paris Fashion week respectively. I think the same shift is happening with accessories too, thanks in large part to the moment Gucci has been having of late- moving away from classic black totes and embracing colour and embellishment.

We know you love flowers, but what is your absolute favourite flower and why?
Definitely peonies. I loved orchids for a long time, but there’s something about the shape of a peony, before it has completely opened and still looks like a sphere, that I’m just really drawn to.

As a florist, I think that flowers make the world go around. How do flowers improve your life?
I’ve loved flowers for as long as I can remember. I spent 18 years dancing and, being the attention seeker that I am, I loved getting a big bunch of flowers after a performance. Now I buy flowers for myself because I find the thrill of having fresh blooms in my house just as exciting as being given them as a gift, without having to spend 12 months rehearsing for a show.

As an online florist, we use Instagram to get our message out there. How do you think social media influences businesses and bloggers today?
Consumers are more likely to buy based on recommendations, and social media allows fashion bloggers to not only refer the brands and products they’re loving, but to show their followers exactly how they work their new pieces into their existing wardrobes. It’s the same concept as a fashion magazine, but more accessible and truly instant- showing consumers beautiful new pieces and introducing them to brands, and showing those pieces in the context of a complete look.