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Grandiflora Nursery may be my heaven on earth!

As many of you know, I am truly passionate about sourcing the very best locally grown blooms to use in our bouquets and at the very top of our list for roses is Grandiflora.
I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the rose farm and to see first-hand, the entire process from propagating through to picking, auditing and packaging. The inherent knowledge of the Grandi team along with state of the art technology was absolutely mind blowing.
It is no wonder that whilst many rose growers are suffering at the hands of cheap imports, Grandiflora continues to grow and develop the very best roses in the Australia (and quite possibly the world).

How long has Grandiflora been growing roses?
Grandiflora Nurseries was established in 1954 and has been an industry innovator and leader for over 6 decades.

Grandiflora were the first company in Australia to grow roses in glasshouses starting back in 1960.

Grandiflora is a family run business, how did it all begin?
Grandiflora is an Australian owned and operated business with 3rd generation family involved.

How many different rose varieties do you grow?
Grandiflora is one of only fifteen cut rose breeders in the world and has been researching and developing new roses since 1994. The majority of rose varieties grown have been created by the company of which there are now more than 120 varieties in many shapes and forms, which include, hybrid tea, Spray, Clustar and Classic. Many are unique and exclusively grown by Grandiflora. Each year the company introduces several new varieties to meet the latest fashion trends of flower designers.

How are you able to grow roses all year around?
Grandiflora is able to produce cut roses year round by growing in state of the art environmentally controlled glasshouse using the latest in climate computers, hydroponics and 100% water recycling technology. This is the largest facility and producer of cut roses in Australia.

Many of our current management and employees have been with Grandiflora for 25 years or more, bringing an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in cut roses. When combined these staff members bring a staggering 350 years of expertise!

Why is important for people to buy locally grown roses rather than imported roses?Grandiflora is proud to be a member of the Australia made campaign. We guarantee our roses for freshness and quality, something that imported roses cannot do.

Our company motto is to Create Cultivate and Captivate by growing “Australia’s finest roses”

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