Mother's Day

Mother's Day

By Courtney Ray

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is fast approaching and this is the time to show our mother's, grandmothers, and mother figures just how special they are, how much we love and how much we appreciate everything they do for us.  

As the big day is just around the corner, I thought I would send out a newsletter that is a little more personal than usual. 

Over the last 12 months, Daily Blooms has really hit its stride and I am pretty excited (maybe even a little proud) that my passion/business is flourishing (I genuinely pinch myself about this).  And whilst I know that the success of my business can largely be attributed to the wonderful team at DB, I also know that the business would not exist if it were not for the help, support, perseverance and positivity that comes from my mum. 

So in this newsletter, I would like to thank my mum for…..

1) De-thorning thousands of roses to be used in bouquets
2) Cutting countless pieces of hessian into the perfect bouquet wrapping shape
3) Threading gift tags with string to be tied around bouquets (she still does this daily)
4) Filling endless buckets of water
5) Scouring op shops and auctions for interesting vases and boxes that can be used for events
6) Giving up big occasions like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day to deliver bouquets around Melbourne
7) Spending weeks in Sydney to help me find the perfect location for the Sydney warehouse
8) Making emergency trips to Bunnings for secateurs, scissors, gloves, etc
9) Searching Gumtree for the perfect desk or workbench as the business continues to need more furniture (and then organising it to be delivered to the warehouse)
10) Learning how to use Instagram so that she can be the first to like all of our photos!

So mum … Happy Mother’s Day ….. and thank you.

P.S I know you read all of our newsletters just seconds after we hit send (and there is a chance you will find a typo or two) but I hope this one is a nice surprise!