War On Waste

War On Waste

By Daily Blooms Australia Admin

War On Waste
Who is Dirty Phil? 

Our mornings are busy.  De-thorning roses, stripping leaves from branches, cutting stems to create the perfect shape for our bouquets.  As the day goes by our warehouse floor turns from dusty grey to a bright green and then slowly to a sludge as our boots grind together the leaves and stems. 

Since starting this business over 4 years ago I have wondered what to do with this green mess. 
It seemed absurd to me that these leaves and twigs should find their way to landfill however my alternatives (which were almost non-existent) were completely uneconomic.

Enter “Dirty” Phil. 

A man who has decided to challenge the system – a modern day environmental revolutionary. Collecting green waste from florists, coffee roasters and complex organics,  he is working with small businesses who want a better and eco-friendly way to manage their green waste.   

I sat down with Phil over a cup of tea to chat about his business and how he is making a difference.  After 3 hours of chatting it was clear that this interview and profile was going to be a little different. Instead of asking my usual questions about ‘How he started his business’and ‘what tips he has for those at home’ he directed the conversation to economic policy, government ineptitude and how he made a home out of a refrigerated shipping container.  

After several hours I had notes on a dozen different podcasts and academics that I must listen to. I can hand-on-heart say that this man is full of surprises and he is single-handedly changing the face of green waste in Melbourne.  Our leaves and broken stems are collected and processed by him into fertile compost to create green fields and super strength vegetable patches.  

Here are the five highlights of the Dirty Phil-osophy:
1.  The next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20 years.
2.  Our global growth narrative needs to focus on the economy in partnership with our energy resources and environmental impact.
3.  Humans have caused irreparable damage to our planet and we need to view this as an opportunity to fundamentally change our behaviour.
4.  Cities have become overburdened by red tape and bureaucracy making it more challenging that ever for individuals to enact change.
5.  Our health is inextricably linked to keeping it simple and green.
Here's the result of his green compost:   
We at Daily Blooms are feeling a little proud to be part of this green revolution. We also hope you get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that your blooms are literally making the world a greener place.  
Thanks, Dirty Phil!