We Are Now 100% Biodegradable

We Are Now 100% Biodegradable

By Daily Blooms Australia Admin

We Are Now 100% Biodegradable
We've always been big on sustainability at Daily Blooms. We rave about it at any chance we can get! Can you blame us though? Climate change and protecting our planet should be at the forefront of everyone's mind.
Our business model has always practised sustainability in many ways. Using locally grown flowers instead of imported blooms and minimising waste by not holding excess stock are our founding  principles. We can now proudly add to the list that our bouquets (including the wrapping) are 100% biodegradable!
Yes, you read that correctly! The wrapping on our bouquets is now biodegradable, so when you order from us you can be sure that we are all doing our part to better the environment. Keep scrolling to see just what exactly goes into making our bouquets biodegradable.

As you would know, our natural hessian has been our signature wrap since day dot. We love the simple and rustic feel it adds to our bouquets. To tie off our blooms we now use jute twine (the very same our tags are attached to).

You may have seen the green BioBags for our wet wrapping instead of the traditional florist cellophane. BioBags are certified biodegradable to global and Australian standards. These beauties will break down within a matter of weeks and at the same rate as your food scraps.

Last but not least, we close up our wet wrapping with Bounce rubber bands which are created with a natural latex, a renewable resource, making them a natural, sustainable and eco-friendly choice. This natural constitution gives the rubber bands biodegradable properties.
Did you know that each month, every medium-sized car on Australian roads emits a third of its weight in carbon dioxide?

Greenfleet is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to connecting people with real climate action. Since 1997, Greenfleet have planted more than 9.2 million native trees across 475 bio-diverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to offset carbon emissions.

Through our partnership with Greenfleet, we are committed to making a difference which is why you can now choose to carbon offset every flower delivery purchased for just 50 cents. Every carbon offset purchased will go towards a variety of native trees being planted in permanent forests that help to reduce salinity and soil erosion, provide essential habitats for native wildlife, and provide much needed resilience in our precious landscape.

Want to learn more and take practical climate action? Visit www.greenfleet.org.au