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What do Imported Flowers go through?

What do Imported Flowers go through before they get to you?

Have you ever purchased a bunch of flowers and noticed that they were a little different?

Or that they didn’t open like the flowers in a garden?

Locally grown flowers tend not to look as perfect as their imported cousins but they open into large, fragrant blooms with healthy stems.

Approximately 10% of flowers that are sold in Australia are imported from overseas. Flower varieties such as Roses, Carnations, Orchids, Tropical Foliages and Crysanthemums are sourced from Kenya, Thailand, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Holland and Vietnam. The flowers go through quarantine, are sprayed to ensure they do not carry any bugs or infections, and are then sent to the Flower Market and/or Wholesalers throughout Australia.Not a lot of people know that Victorian growers produce the majority of the fresh flowers in Australia. The reason for this is that it is an ideal climate and conditions for growing flowers.

Daily Blooms point of difference is that we ONLY buy local. We find the quality of locally grown flowers to be superior, they are not sprayed with unknown poisons and supporting Australia

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