Meet The Maker - Peggy Sue: Alysha and Shanah

Meet The Maker - Peggy Sue: Alysha and Shanah

By Rachel King

Meet The Maker - Peggy Sue: Alysha and Shanah

At Daily Blooms we relish the opportunity to seek out the most luxurious and exciting Australian brands to enhance your gifting experience. We also love to indulge in self-care, especially after a long winter day.

We sat down with Peggy Sue founders Alysha and Shanah to find out a little bit more about their business journey.

The start of the Peggy Sue journey began with me, Shanah, in October 2016, and was incredibly unglamorous. It only started with the idea of making soap for some Christmas presents one year. These soaps were fun and pretty, after posting a photo of the soaps online, a few people commented that they were keen to buy some as gifts too. I had a 6-month-old daughter at the time, whose name is Peggy. Cue the new Instagram account that was created ‘Peggy Sue Soaps’, now 

In the lead-up to Christmas, I sold about 1000 soaps purely through Instagram, I didn’t even have a website at that stage. I was completely shocked, to say the least. There was no time to have any sort of business plan or goal here, it was purely just a hobby that started exploding into something that could be pretty great. I had grown up with a mum in the skincare industry so I was pretty familiar with the ins and outs of products and skincare routines, however, with the rise in environmental awareness, I wanted to create a brand that was as eco-friendly as possible. But on top of that, like most women, I wanted products that were beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as well, instead of brown and generic like a lot of eco-friendly products can be. 

Cue Alysha, one of my good friends and now co-owner of Peggy Sue. We worked incredibly hard to create a range of all-natural skincare products that were just that, as eco-friendly as possible and nothing short of aesthetically pleasing. Each product has been carefully thought out and curated with love. Our range is kind on the planet, perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin, and is designed to not only nourish and care for your skin, but we hope for our products to help us all slow down each day, and enjoy meaningful moments of self-care, where we can recenter our minds and show ourselves some love.  

Our products are all made in Australia, some made in-house by our small team and others by a small Australian manufacturer on the gold coast. We work tirelessly with our manufacturer to ensure that our ingredients are all-natural and of the highest standards. Our long-term goal is to have clarity, all the way down our supply chain to the farmers that grow our ingredients. Sadly in the cosmetic industry, that kind of clarity just isn't available on a lot of the ingredients yet. This is one of the reasons we choose to use organic ingredients wherever possible. This ensures that the products we are using, and the farms in which they come from, are not harmful to the environment or the workers growing and processing them. We will continue to strive in this area to ensure we are providing the most natural and ethically produced products possible for our small business.

Alysha - Don't make us pick a favourite child!! But if you promise not to tell anyone I’d have to say our Uplift Body Scrub to Mask. It’s my favourite scent and I can use it in the shower which is my favourite. This little compostable bag of goodness is such a quick and easy way to slow down for a moment at the end of the day and give my skin some love! I come out of the shower smelling divine with my skin all kinds of smooth, it’s dreamy! 

Sustainability to Peggy Sue means acting where we can make the biggest impact today while always looking forward to tomorrow. We’re here to help our customers feel beautiful and loved while keeping people and our planet at the heart of all we do. We, like many other businesses, have a long journey ahead, but we believe we can make a positive difference and help redefine clean beauty, together.

Often sustainability is slimmed down to just the environmental goals of businesses. The Sustainable Development Goals set out 17 goals that, defined by them, set out a “blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”. We have selected goals that we are working to have an impact on here at Peggy Sue. We are for Fair & Inclusive Communities and are supporting Destiny Rescue (an organisation freeing and supporting children trapped in the sex trafficking industry) in this area to see fairness and equality offered to the most vulnerable. 

We are conscious of our Packaging & Waste Over the past year we have worked incredibly hard and have been guided by a Sustainability Advisor to ensure our efforts are headed in the right direction. We are members of APCO and REDcycle which means all of our packaging and bottles have ARL logos on them to inform consumers how to recycle and dispose of their packaging correctly when they are finished with them. However first and foremost we are for refilling and encourage our community into refills whenever we can. We also ensure that our warehouse is following best recycling practices by having different bins for materials. As a small business, we have a long way to go but we know even the smallest changes can have a great impact. 

Climate Action is also important to us, knowing it’s estimated that up to 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the production of everyday goods. For this reason, we will continually work toward a circular economy with the goal of incorporating recycled materials into our packaging to minimize the virgin materials required to create our products.

We know the world is still very much run on fossil fuels, which sucks, and for a small business like ours, it’s no easy task getting the kind of investment needed or suppliers to help us make some big changes. But it won’t hold us back. We’re looking to extend our carbon offsetting shipments and will continue to try and find suppliers that are shifting to using renewable energy for our manufacturing. Where possible, we will also continue to further localise ingredient sourcing and manufacturing to reduce transportation and therefore keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Beyond this, we will invest in understanding where our biggest carbon footprint lies, so that we can make the necessary changes in how we operate and offset while we achieve our longer-term goals.

Shanah - Definitely with some self-care! We are big believers that nourishing our skin is super important and beneficial, but more than that we want our tribe to use our products as an opportunity to create meaningful moments of self-care. As women we often carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, caring so deeply for everyone around us, so we hope that our products can help others unwind and recenter each day while feeding their skin an abundance of love. For me personally, I am a huge bath kinda gal. I find having a warm bath creates a bit of a sanctuary for me. So of course I will add in either a Brew Pocket or a few drops of our Beauty Oil to give my skin some nourishment while I soak. And then, as someone who hates wearing clothes, I go all out on my skincare routine before getting dressed, walking around butt naked for as long as I can or until my husband yells at me that our neighbours might see me. So I might start with our Herbal Cleanser, then I will apply our AM Vitamin Serum, leave it to absorb for a minute to two, and then use a delicate layer of our Blue Tansy Oil. And me oh my, I feel like I’m in silky smooth heaven at the end of it. That's when it’s time to crack open a bottle of Red and settle into the night with some Netflix.

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