Australia-Wide Harmony Australia-Wide Harmony

Australia-Wide Harmony


Our focus has always been on supporting local growers and showcasing Australian-grown blooms. However, in order for us to offer bouquets all-year round, in the quantities that we need, from time to time we import flowers from places where they grow plentifully throughout winter.

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The first blank page of a new leatherbound notebook. Freshly baked sourdough dipped in the finest olive oil. The softest touch of a cashmere jumper.

Elegant touches of the every day; just like our Harmony bouquet. 

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Curated in a beautiful neutral colour palette, Harmony combines 15 stems of white, cream and green blooms and lush foliage to brighten the daily.

Your bouquet will be lovingly prepared in our Melbourne warehouse. It will then be carefully packaged in our custom-designed box and sent via an overnight premium delivery service to arrive on your nominated delivery date.

    Different Daily:  As the seasons change so do our buds. We do our very best to provide images that showcase current colours and key flower varieties that will feature in your bouquet. However, from time to time if a particular flower isn't available we will replace it with one of equal or greater value. What you can always be sure of is that your bouquet will be just as blooming beautiful.