About Me

From Farm to Finance to Florist

My name is Courtney and I am the founder and florist of DAILYBlooms. Before starting DAILYBlooms, I occupied my days in the (not so creative) field of Accounting and Finance. I was virtually inseparable from my desk and Excel and PowerPoint were my tools of the trade. But then – after many years of flirting with the idea of flowers – I took action!

Whilst I now live in the hustle and bustle of inner Melbourne, I grew up on a farm in a tiny town called Freshwater Creek. I was lucky enough to have a mother who shares my love of flowers and as a child I was constantly surrounded by beautiful gardens and bunches of freshly cut blooms that filled our house. To me, there is nothing quite like a bunch of flowers cut from the farm…. perfect by their imperfection.

When I moved from the farm to Melbourne I discovered that my little oasis of beautiful blooms was exactly that – an oasis and not the reality that many Melbournians face. I live in the inner city and whilst I am trying to be a green thumb with my relatively tiny courtyard, the modest selection of herbs in pots and a sad looking lemon tree hardly make up for a big flower filled garden.

The Concept

A few years ago (when online florists were few and far between) I had the idea to deliver beautiful, locally grown flowers to your home or workplace at reasonable prices. I wanted flowers to be easy and accessible so that people could enjoy them more often. Every day, every week or every fortnight.

The Journey

The business started in 2014 in a tiny little shed with me doing absolutely everything. I was the chief florist, head of customer service, accounting, IT, marketing, supply chain management, procurement, you get the drift. Fast forward a few years and DAILYBlooms is now a thriving little business. We have created a fabulous team of flower enthusiasts who love creating beautiful flowers and delivering them with a smile.

From our humble beginnings selling flowers to friends and family we now have a fabulous fan base of loyal (and delightful) customers. We have even worked with some of Australia’s most well known and loved brands (I actually have to pinch myself sometimes).

Sussan’s                     Kmart
Forever New             Cotton On
Smooth FM               Maybelline
Witchery                   Mon Purse

Why local flowers?

In Australia, many of the flowers available in supermarkets and stores are grown in Africa, Asia and South America. It can literally be more than a week between when they were cut and when they are placed on display in bad plastic and cellophane. Often, they are frozen and air freighted. The reason they are cheap is because of the wages and working conditions of the local workers. To me, this contradicts what flowers should be about. They should be fresh and local especially given the abundance of beautiful flowers grown around Melbourne.
The flowers I buy and sell will never be imported. They will always be locally grown from farmers that I meet and talk to everyday. This means that my flowers will tend to be seasonal. We won’t offer bad chocolates, cheap sparkling or teddy bears that you don’t want. What I will offer is a daily bouquet of the freshest blooms wrapped simply and beautifully.

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