Flower Care

If you’re good to your flowers, they’ll be good to you. Follow these simple steps to help keep your blooms chipper and cheerful.

1. Remove the flowers from their hessian or Daily Carry wrap (but make sure you get a great snap for the ‘gram first).

2. DAILYBlooms need to stay hydrated, so grab your favourite vase and fill it with clean water.

3. Time for a little snip snip. Trim your flower stems by 2cm at a 45-degree angle and arrange them in your vase.

4. If you want your flowers to last, you need to refresh the water in your vase every day (yes, we know it’s a pain!).

5. Flowers love their sunshine, but keep these ones out of direct sunlight and extreme heat, pretty please.

6. Enjoy your DAILYBlooms - you deserve it!


Hot weather
If your flowers do arrive dehydrated whether that be from hot weather, air conditioning or heating, simply trim by the stems by 2cms and leave in cool, fresh water for a few hours. You'll be surprised at how quickly they bounce back!

Guard petals on the roses
All roses have "guard petals" and they are Mother Nature's way of protecting the beautiful, delicate inner rose. These guard petals are purposefully left on the bud by our DAILYBlooms team to offer your flowers added protection as they travel - which is why we leave the decision to remove these petals up to the receiver.

After preparing your bouquet in a vase you can also spend just a few extra moments on each flower to remove the guard petals. Follow the easy steps below and your roses will look even more amazing!

STEP 1: Take each flower one at a time and identify the guard petals - you will probably notice that these petals have a hint of green or brown.
STEP 2: To remove guard petals, place your index finger gently on the inner side of the guard petal and press down softly to slowly peal the petal away from the flower.