Bondi Wash X Daily Blooms Natives

Bondi Wash X Daily Blooms Natives

By Rachel King

Bondi Wash X Daily Blooms Natives

Rosy red cheeks after a winter's day walk. A home-cooked meal wafting through your neighbours window. Sinking into a steaming hot bath after a long day.

All moments to soothe the soul; just like our Bondi Wash Native bouquet.Bondi Wash is a fellow Australian business that combine the potent power and fragrance of Australian botanicals with natural ingredients to create truly distinctive products for your home and body.

Together, we created this limited edition bouquet to showcase some of the striking blooms that are grown right here down under.

Inspired by the Australian native botanicals synonymous with Bondi Wash products, this bouquet heroes local foliage and blooms that grow abundantly in Winter.


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