Our Butterfly Bouquet for The Stillbirth Foundation

Our Butterfly Bouquet for The Stillbirth Foundation

By Rachel King

Our Butterfly Bouquet for The Stillbirth Foundation

*This blog post includes images of stillbirth. 

This month we have partnered with The Stillbirth Foundation Australia - whose mission is to reduce the impact and incidence of stillbirth through research, education and advocacy. 

Through sales of our 'Butterfly Bouquet' we hope to assist the foundation in their goal to lower the rate of stillbirth by 20% within the next five years. We feel honoured to share Chloe & Steve's story below - who gave birth to Marley Joy Mann in February 2020. 

"I had a very easy pregnancy, I honestly read so many books out there and waited for the morning sickness, bad reflux, legs cramps at night and insomnia to hit but it never came. I was so blessed with an easy pregnancy. Each check-up was normal our beautiful baby girl was measuring and doing all the normal things.

I was 41 weeks and we had our last check-up on Monday, I watched her on the monitor and had an ultrasound / CTG and thought this day couldn’t come quick enough to finally meet her.

Our lives turned the morning I was to be induced, I noticed Marley wasn’t moving as she normally did. We went into the hospital to start our induction, but I advised the midwife that she wasn’t moving normally today.

As I sat on the bed holding my husband’s hand and our midwife tried to connect the CTG monitor to me and she continued to try and find Marley’s heartbeat. I knew something was wrong, I sat there and started to cry knowing what we were about to be told.

The news came quickly when they rushed us down to radiology to get an ultrasound. then the words came. “I’m sorry there is no heartbeat” I can’t explain the pain and complete shock that hit instantly. Our baby girl was no longer with us.

I delivered our baby girl Marley Joy Mann on the 6th Feb 2020. I couldn’t believe we created this little human, she looked absolutely beautiful but still.

We were advised that Marley had a True Knot in her umbilical cord.
I honestly didn’t know much about Stillbirth, nor did I know six babies a day in Australia are born still.

I found the Stillbirth Foundation resources so helpful with their guidance, how to understand grief and how to get back to a new normal."
Inspired by the Stillbirth Foundation's signature colours; orange and purple, our 'Butterfly Bouquet' is intended to bring a little light to the day and act as the perfect way to let a friend or loved one who has experienced stillbirth know you're thinking of them. 
If you would like more information or to find out how you can support The Stillbirth Foundation directly, head to: stillbirthfoundation.org.au 


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