The Daily Tote - A Collaboration with Stevie Winter Creates

The Daily Tote - A Collaboration with Stevie Winter Creates

By Rachel King

The Daily Tote - A Collaboration with Stevie Winter Creates

Introducing our latest creation - The Daily Tote

We've been working behind the scenes on a very exciting project that we can FINALLY share with you all - The Daily Tote! We wanted something colourful, fun and makes a statement to hold all your needs on the go – Stevie Winter Creates had the perfect artistic touch to bring this vision to life!

It's not just a bag… it's a must-have for blooms enthusiasts, like yourself!

Want to know more?
We wanted to pick Stevie Winters brain on her creative process...

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? Who is Stevie-Rae, and what gets you out of bed in the mornings?

Howdy! I'm Stevie-Rae, a Naarm-based creative with a love for collecting knick-knacks. My main creative focuses are illustration, creative direction, design and styling. My cats usually get me out of bed in the morning, but I look forward to finding a little nugget of inspiration to incorporate into my art too. Some of my favourite ideas have come from walks around the suburbs, overhearing strangers and browsing local op shops.

2. What has been your path to becoming an illustrator? 

For as long as I can remember, I've spent my free time drawing. When I was 10, I begged a family friend to teach me how to oil paint, and it all spiralled from there. I fell in love. I naturally incorporated illustration into my designs at uni, where I studied Visual Merchandising. One of my teachers asked me if I ever considered becoming an illustrator... Every day! But I honestly didn't even think it was possible. I began drawing portraits of my friends and their dogs and posting them on my Instagram, and it kind of just escalated from there. Now, I do illustration and design full-time.

3. Can you describe your illustration style in 3 words? 

Colourful, Inclusive, Nostalgic

4. What inspired you when creating these illustrations for the 'Daily Tote'?

Whenever I tackle product designs, I envision how someone will interact with the product. For the "Daily Tote", I began by imagining the items people might carry in their tote bags, which evolved into the concept itself. My inspiration? As a nosey teenager, I adored watching "What's in My Bag" videos on YouTube. About a decade ago, I styled a playful project titled "What's in my bag" (Captured by my talented friend Miriam Butcher). I revisited those ideas to craft a Daily Blooms tote bag, delighting in picturing what folks would tuck into their Daily Blooms tote bags - alongside a big bundle of blooms, of course!


Photographer: Miriam Butcher | Styling: Stevie-Rae Winter

5. What advice would you give others seeking a similar career? 

While creating art for others is enjoyable, always make time for creating art just for yourself. Experiment with various art materials until you discover what truly resonates with you. Embrace imperfection and intentionally make mistakes for the sheer joy of it! It's common to compare your art to others and feel like a total imposter, but remember, that makes this industry so fantastic - each person's art is beautifully unique!
Ready to blossom in style on the daily? Imagine strolling through the farmer's market or heading to your friend's place with a beautiful bouquet in hand — now you’ve got somewhere to conveniently tuck them away.
You can check out more of Stevie-Rae Winter's work here - 


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