Bundles Are Back!

Bundles Are Back!

By Rachel King

Bundles Are Back!

Ben & Jen. Bonnie & Clyde. Thelma & Louise. Beyonce & Jay-Z. Simon and Garfunkel.... Like all iconic duo's that came before them, the pairing of Blooms & Gifts is always a perfect match. 

Designed for maximum WOW, hand-on-the-heart GOSH & eye watering AWW! 


Cold sand sinking beneath your toes. A perfectly empty mind, heart overflowing. A soft breeze brushing over hot cheeks. 

All moments to seize; just like our XO Gift Bundle.

Under-the-covers comfort food. Odd socks that fit just right. The crisp smell of fresh linen. 

All moments to be enjoyed; just like our THX Gift Bundle.

The patter of summer rain on a roof. Candle-lit card games. That first bite of a ‘not so guilty’ pleasure.  

All moments to cherish; just like our LOVE Bundle.

Another lap around the sun utterly enjoyed. The promise of the pop of the best bottle of champagne. Slicing a knife through your favourite cake.

All moments to celebrate; just like our BDAY Gift Bundle.

Wrapping warm fingers around a steaming mug, made with love. The patter of rain on a roof. Friends old and new, coming together just for you. 

All moments to be grateful for; just like our Tea Time Bundle.

A city that comes alive at dusk. The beat that drops perfectly on queue. The anticipation of a night to be remembered. 

All moments to get lost in; just like our YAY Gift Bundle.

A comfortable silence. Balmy nights on balconies. Indoor plants, nurtured and growing. Finishing-your-sentences kind of friends. 

All moments that mean the most; just like our BFF Gift Bundle.

Sourced locally from the most luxurious and exciting Australian brands, our gift bundles are thoughtfully curated to enchant and delight every day.



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