Meet Our Newest Gifting Bundles!

Meet Our Newest Gifting Bundles!

By Rachel King

Meet Our Newest Gifting Bundles!
Your favourite gold hoops, fluffy, warm socks, or a nostalgic throwback to the beloved Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen - sometimes the best things in life come in pairs.
Just like our newest Gift Bundles. Introducing; Hey, Mr & Hey, Honey- they are twice as nice and just like everything included in our gifting range they showcase the very best locally-sourced treats. Under-the-covers comfort food. Odd socks that fit just right. The familiar aroma of coffee brewing on the stove.
All moments to savour; just like our Hey, Mr gift pack.
Hey, Mr is a gift that feels just right.The patter of summer rain on a roof. Candle-lit card games. The crackle of fresh bread in a mittened hand. 
 All moments to cherish; just like our Hey, Honey gift pack.
Hey, Honey is a gift that will warm your heart. 
We’re the original experts in letting every day bloom with fresh, premium-sourced and beautifully curated bouquets that change daily.


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