Feeling Luxe? Meet Our Newest Luxe Bouquets

Feeling Luxe? Meet Our Newest Luxe Bouquets

By Rachel King

Feeling Luxe? Meet Our Newest Luxe Bouquets

An exuberant celebration. A heartfelt thanks. A message of self love. Or a rainy Tuesday. We've always been the go-to for blooms fit for any occasion.

But what about those moments that call for a little extra luxe? Your bestie's birthday. A loved up anniversary. A happy engagement. Or a reminder that you think they are just the best.

That's where our Luxe Bouquets come in...

Pink sugar-frosting swirled high on a red velvet cupcake. An effortless hair day, too good to be true. Dinner that turns into dancing. 

A reminder that some of the best things in life can come easy, just like our Little Luxe bouquet.

Perfectly winged eyeliner. Sinking back into the leather booth of a laneway cocktail bar. A whiff of fragrance that reminds you of someone you love.

All moments to make you smile, just like our Just Luxe Bouquet.

The flash of a red sole on patent black stilettos. Booking an overseas trip somewhere new. Saving room for dessert, always.

All moments filled with pleasure, just like our A Lotta Luxe Bouquet.

Featuring the finest roses, elegant tulips and budding magnolia for height - our luxe bouquets showcase the most premium blooms the season has to offer.

You will also find a gorgeous cymbidium orchid in our Just Luxe and A Lotta Luxe bouquets to really deliver on WOW!

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