Flower Hour of Power

Flower Hour of Power

By Rachel King

Flower Hour of Power


To celebrate our return to Sydney, Daily Blooms was giving away hundreds of free bouquets for one hour of flower power. To our surprise, we sold out in record time!

We wanted to come in with a bang with our same-day delivery coming back to Sydney. We hosted a fun little giveaway aptly named; "Flower Hour". And whilst we thought it was the best blooming way to kick off 2022, we couldn't be sure if our customers would necessarily feel the same.

The night before we even brainstormed plans of what we could do with the 100 Free Bouquets we had committed to giving away if our customers didn't come to the party. What ensued was quite the opposite - and instead, we were completely blown away by the response to "Flower Hour", selling out in only a few short minutes! 

Our florists were working busily to wrap all bouquets before the 9 am start time!

To our surprise, our brand-new, teeny team of florists were inundated with orders, but with great determination, we were able to surprise and delight over 120 lucky customers who secured free blooms that morning.


Our Sydney same-day service will run Monday to Friday, with fresh blooms available to more than 150 Sydney suburbs. Same-day delivery when you order before 1:30 pm.


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