The Year of the Tiger - 2022!

The Year of the Tiger - 2022!

By Rachel King

The Year of the Tiger - 2022!
Bright lights, fireworks, your best red dress & lantern lined streets. Happy Lunar New Year - may 2022, the year of the Tiger bring you good fortune, prosperity and happiness.

Symbolism and mythology around blooms go back a long, long way! From ancient Orchids to huge blushing Peonies, here are a few blooms that hold significance during Chinese New Year.

The most popular of all the Chinese New Year blooms - The Orchid. One of the four pivotal flowers of Chinese culture. A symbol of luck, fertility and innocence.

Sword Lily Also known as Gladiolus, the Red variety of this bloom commonly gifted during Chinese New Year to send well wishes of career & self development.

Another of the four pivotal flowers of Chinese culture, the Chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity often painted in Chinese art and dated back centuries as a good omen to prolong life.

Peonies The Chinese New Year bloom of love! The pale pink variety is gifted to show love and admiration.


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