Behind the Bloom: Father's Day Edition

Behind the Bloom: Father's Day Edition

By Rachel King

Behind the Bloom: Father's Day Edition

Meet Dave:

Our delightful driver for Daily Blooms!

Introducing Dave, rad dad and deliverer of delight. As our trusted delivery driver, Dave has been bringing beauty and joy to thousands of happy customers since 2017.

Can you tell us about your most memorable Father’s Day gift?

Not sure if it’s the best but it is an amusing one for me. My son likes to play tricks on me and one year he bought me 20 Picnic bars knowing that I love them. Usually, I only eat about one a week, so they stayed in the fridge for about six months, which tormented him because he knew he couldn’t eat them.

 What does your perfect Father’s Day look like?

Having a bit of a sleep-in and then coming together with my wife and family to hit the pub for an afternoon lunch and a Sunday session. My wife is very much into singing and we love a good session on Sundays.

Your favourite thing about being a dad?

Watching my son grow from being a small child, to a teenager and into the adult he is now and knowing that I was a big part of his life, and played an important role in how he turned out in his adult life.

Whats your favourite crumpet topping?

I love to get a crumpet out of the toaster super hot and slather it in butter, so that it seeps all the way through. I then finish it off with a sprinkle of honey… not too much, just a little bit.

Whats the best thing about working at Daily Blooms?

I love Daily Blooms because I came from a background of a job where I was a number, not a name and  ever since I’ve worked for Daily Blooms I feel important. I come into work and am greeted with smiling faces, and am also greeted with the reactions from happy customers that I deliver to.


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