Meet The Maker - The Rabbit Hole: Corinne Smith

Meet The Maker - The Rabbit Hole: Corinne Smith

By Rachel King

Meet The Maker - The Rabbit Hole: Corinne Smith

At Daily Blooms we relish the opportunity to seek out the most luxurious and exciting Australian brands to enhance your gifting experience. We also love a good hot cup of tea during a cold winter afternoon.

The Rabbit Hole's Australian native tea range is an expression of their strong values to empower growers, improve community livelihoods and use tea to facilitate connection and cultural celebration. It shines a light on native ingredients for the everyday enjoyment of a uniquely Australian taste.

We sat down with The Rabbit Hole co-founder Corinne Smith to find out more about their business journey.

Tell us what inspired you to start The Rabbit Hole tea company?

We were inspired to start a tea company that really caters to tea lovers and provides them with something a little out of the ordinary. It was also super important for us to be able to make our own tea here in Australia and 12 years later, that’s what we’re still doing which is really exciting.

We have quickly fallen in love with your range of Australian Native Teas - what sparked the concept for this
particular range?  

Thank you, we love hearing that. Really, it was our personal passion for Native ingredients and wanting to share their incredible flavours that sparked these blends.

What is your favourite tip/trick for making the perfect cup of tea?

Choose a cup or mug that’s going to bring a giant smile to your face! There’s something about a gorgeous drinking vessel that just brings the whole ritual of tea drinking together and makes it such a beautiful moment to be celebrated.

Where are your teas predominantly sourced and made?

We source our tea from origins all over the world and our native ingredients are sourced from Indigenous communities who have created their own enterprises from plants growing on their land. We blend and pack all of our teas in our Sydney headquarters.

If you could sit back with a cuppa anywhere in the world, where would it be?

My back deck! I absolutely love that I can look out into the bush and spot rainbow lorikeets, pelicans and other amazing birdlife flying by. It’s my happy place and reminds me to live in the moment and enjoy the what’s in front of me.

You can visit The Rabbit Hole here - 




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