Tips To Care For Your Sunflowers

Tips To Care For Your Sunflowers

By Abigail Plester

Tips To Care For Your Sunflowers
Who doesn’t love Sunflowers? A symbol of loyalty, adoration and longevity, our limited-edition Sunflowers are the ultimate mood-booster. Known as “happy” flowers for obvious reasons, these bright and beautiful blooms are guaranteed to put a smile on your dial. 
Upon arrival, you’ll notice that your Sunflowers will be a bit ‘sleepy’ (tightly closed). To wake them up, follow our top care instructions below so you can enjoy these cheerful flowers for as long as possible. If cared for properly, they can last up to a fortnight!

1. Prep the stems 

Make sure all of the leaves are cut off below the water line to prevent any bacteria growth in the water, then give the stems a fresh snip. It’s important to cut them at a 45 degree angle to ensure they can drink as much water as possible – a hydrated Sunflower is a happy one!

2. Scald & lukewarm water

Before placing your Sunflowers in a vase, dip 3-5cm of the stems in boiling water to stop their nutrient-rich sap from oozing. 
Did you know flowers absorb warm water more quickly than cold water? Before you arrange your Sunflowers, choose a clean vase and fill it up with lukewarm water.

3. A happy place 

In the ground, Sunflowers LOVE basking under the sun but once cut, keep them out of direct sunlight and heat to prevent drying. Pop them in a popular and shady spot in your home, and watch them ‘wake up’ in the next few days. Tip: Avoid spots with cool drafts and out of the pathway of your air-conditioning vents.

4. Ongoing care 

Our Sunflowers are a thirsty bunch so make sure you’re checking their stems and water daily. To perk them up, simply re-cut the stems and change the water (don’t forget to add the special mix of sugar and lemon juice or vinegar in Step 2).We would love to see how you arrange your Sunflowers in your space. Tag us on socials @dailybloomsau so we can spread the joy!


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