TOM Organics x Daily Blooms Love You Labia Bouquet

TOM Organics x Daily Blooms Love You Labia Bouquet

By Rachel King

TOM Organics x Daily Blooms Love You Labia Bouquet

This bouquet has been designed in partnership with TOM Organic to celebrate what makes you (and every bloom) interesting, beautiful and unique.

Each bouquet will arrive with an educational booklet from TOM Organic showcasing labia illustrations and answers to questions like, 'Where is the labia?' and 'What does the labia do?'

A cheeky gift for your bestie, your daughter – but maybe not your nan.

Like the rest of our bodies, every labia is unique - and this bouquet is a fun, and subtle way to educate yourself or a loved one on just that. 

From a pale pink anthurium to a blushing tulip, and vibrant red orchid, it's all a bit of flirty fun.

Just as beauty norms have been imposed on every other part of our bodies, many of us have been exposed to harmful misconceptions that there is a singular way for a labia to look. 

Browse the Labia library & discover just how wonderful & diverse the world of the labia can be.

Where is the Labia?
When people talk about ‘the vagina’, they’re often referring to the labia. ‘Labia’ (meaning ‘lips’ in Latin) are the lips or folds of skin on the outside of the vaginal opening, that form part of the vulva (along with the other external sex organs like the clitoris, vaginal opening and urethra).
What does the Labia do?
The labia minora plays an important role in protecting the clitoris, urinary opening, and vaginal opening while the majora covers and protects the inner structures of the perineum (the soft tissue between the pubic bone and coccyx). The labia changes during puberty and often starts to show more pigment with the shift in hormones. They continue to change throughout life.

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