How to care for your Tulips

How to care for your Tulips

By Rachel King

How to care for your Tulips
There is something so special about welcoming a flush of new blooms into our bouquets. Our new feature bloom, Tulips is no exception! Do you ever unwrap your flowers and begin to wonder how you can extend their life for as long as possible - don't worry we have you covered with these useful tips!

Learn how to make your Tulips last their longest through these caring guidelines. We will take you through these tips and tricks to keep your blooms at their freshest.

 1. Choosing the right Tulip vase

When placing your tulips in a vase we make it an important note to be choosing the right vase for your flowers. Tulips typically spread out as they grow, so choosing a vase that covers at least half the height of the tulip stems is ideal. After tulips are cut they continue to grow up to an inch or more in length - it's best not to have your tulip stems clumped together to allow room for them to fan out.

 2. Stem preparation.

Before cutting your Tulip stems we suggest you measure them against your vase to ensure you're cutting them to the desired length. Like most stems, it's best to cut at a 45-degree angle for the best absorption of the water.

 3. Drink up.

These flowers like to keep hydrated, once you've picked your desired vase and given your stems a trim. Fill your vase three-quarters of the way full with cold water. To keep your Tulips lasting their longest, change their water every couple of days and give them another trim so you can ensure they are drinking up all the freshwater you provide.

 4. The perfect placement.

Tulips are 'phototropic,' which means they bend towards the light, so rotating your vase daily will help keep your stems upright. Avoid placing your vase in direct sunlight or heat because your flowers will bloom faster and then begin to wilt.

 5. This or that?

If you want your tulips to be long lasting we best recommend arranging your tulips in a vase on their own. Certain flower types can make tulips wilt faster.

We would love to see how you arrange your tulips in your space. Tag us on socials @dailybloomsau so we can spread the joy!


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