Trending Festive Tablescapes

Trending Festive Tablescapes

By Rachel King

Trending Festive Tablescapes

One of our favourite things to do here at DB HQ is to create beautiful tablescapes around centrepiece blooms. It gives us a reason to buy yummy treats, get creative and find inspiration from current trends, in the hopes it inspires you to get creative with your own festive feast!

Every year we look forward to our festive vase launch, designed by our head florist Bella. This drives the creative direction for the shoot and we work towards styling the table to compliment these beautiful blooms.

Here are a few trends we came across that we loved this season...

Always add something fresh. Whether it’s a vase of blooms, bowls of berries, or some fresh-cut foliage scattered on the table. Christmas events can leave you’re guests feeling pickled from all the sugar, salt and alcohol… something fresh to look at or nibble on will always be appreciated.

Bows and ribbons are all the rage! You can put a pretty bow on almost anything. We used very minimal, glass candle holders, tied a nice big bow on them, and BAM you’ve already added a trendy vibe to your table. EASY

Next up, bonbons. In this day and age, we are all working hard to reduce the waste we create. This is the perfect way to enjoy bonbons without costing the earth. Simply save your toilet paper rolls, and place something inside, like a fancy chocolate or a cute handwritten note. Wrap the roll in a fabric napkin and tie off the ends with some ribbon. Done.

Put some of your favourite decorations aside when decorating the tree, scatter them around on the table between the bonbons, bowls of fresh berries and flowers for a touch of festive without going too overboard. 

SHOP The Very Merry Vase featured throughout both the 'A White Christmas' & 'Merry & Bright' Tablescape designs.


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