Symbolic Meanings Behind Your Favourite Blooms

Symbolic Meanings Behind Your Favourite Blooms

By Daily Blooms Australia Admin

Symbolic Meanings Behind Your Favourite Blooms
As a bunch of florists (no pun intended) choosing our favourite flower can feel like an impossible ask. As each season brings beautiful new blooms how could we possibly favour just one flower above all? How can you decide between the heavenly perfumed rose or the fluffy petals of the peony – seriously people the choice is hard!

To help with this serious predicament we have created a cheat sheet of the secret meanings behind your favourite florals. This is your guide to what each flower represents and what it means for you.

Roses –

The classic rose, can have varied meanings depending on its colour. Bright red roses symbolise love and lust whereas lavender roses reflect love at first sight. White roses symbolise purity and innocence and yellow roses show new beginnings, joy and friendship. Pink roses represent happiness, grace and gentleness with orange roses symbolising desire and enthusiasm. Finally, coral roses symbolise friendship, modesty and empathy.
What roses mean for you...
You are classically romantic. Your aesthetic? Elegant, timeless and never going out of style. You know how to make a statement and make it seem effortless.

Tulips –

Tulips are said to symbolise true love and fame. Much like roses, tulips can also have different meanings depending on their colour. Red tulips are considered a declaration of love, while purple tulips represent royalty. Yellow tulips are considered happy and sunny with white tulips meaning worthiness and forgiveness.

What tulips means for you...

You are confident, dynamic and bold. You embrace current trends but always in a sleek and sophisticated way that enhances your look and style.


Daffodils –

Daffodils represent rebirth and new beginnings. A single daffodil foretells a misfortune while a bunch of daffodils indicate joy and happiness.
What daffodils means for you...
You love experiencing new adventures and thrive with change. Your style is spontaneous and fun. You love to socialise and exude a lightness that people are drawn too.

Peonies –

Peonies have several different meanings, including bashfulness and compassion. They also symbolise a happy and healthy life, a content marriage and prosperity.
What peonies means for you...
You’re a positive person and you live life to the fullest. You’re thoughtful and empathetic towards others and value friends and family above all else. Your style? Elegant and understated but always standing out from the crowd.

Sunflowers –

Sunflowers signify adoration (because they turn to face the sun), as well as dedication or dedicated love, and pure thoughts. They also symbolise happiness because of their close resemblance to the sun, their petals are often referred to as ‘rays’.
What sunflowers means for you...
You love socialising and making new friends. You thrive around people and you love to be the centre of attention. Your style is bright and warm, and you’re never without a bold statement piece.

Lilies –

Lilies symbolise purity and refined beauty, however their meanings also change depending on the colour and type. Generally, white lilies symbolise modesty and innocence, yellow lilies represent happiness and orange lilies symbolise passion.
What lilies means for you...
You’re a driven and motivated individual who is not afraid to be proud of your accomplishments. Your style is always perfectly tailored, and you thrive in a crowd.

Carnations –

Carnations symbolise different things based on their colour. Red carnations represent love, pride and admiration, while pink carnations symbolise the love of a woman or mother. Purple carnations represent spontaneity, yellow carnations mean disdain or rejection, white carnations symbolise innocence and pure love and striped carnations represent refusal.
What carnations means for you...
Your best quality is that no matter what, you remain down to earth. You have many moods, but regardless of how you feel, your style remains the consistent; simple but stunning.

Poppies –

Poppies also have different meanings depending on their colour—red poppies generally symbolise remembrance, while yellow poppies signify wealth and success.
What poppies means for you...
You’re fun, quirky and creative and you love it when people notice that about you. Your style is bold and colourful, and you’re not afraid to try new trends that others shy away from.

*Special thanks to all the sources of this article including The Flower Expert and Apartment Therapy.

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