How to Decorate with Flowers this Christmas

How to Decorate with Flowers this Christmas

By Rachel King

How to Decorate with Flowers this Christmas
Think outside the square this Christmas and get creative with our beautiful blooms! Whether you’re planning a festive-inspired tablescape, want to add a touch of magic to the home or simply want to take your gift-wrapping to the next level, we’ve got a few fun ideas to inspire and make the most out of your flowers.

Set the scene 

The Christmas tree might be the centre of attention each year but why not make it the dining table? A place where loved ones gather to share food, stories and not-so-funny bon bon jokes, set the scene with an Insta-worthy tablescape. Whether you’re a traditionalist, a merry modernist or a seasonal sparkler – the first step is to choose your festive theme. Once you’ve selected your theme, choose your colour palette followed by flowers, foliage and your favourite holiday decor (we love adding candles, baubles and mini ornaments). 
 There are a few ways to add flowers to your tablescape: as a centrepiece in your favourite vase, disassembled and placed in mini vases as single stem arrangements or as a pretty, floral touch on napkin rings ( 
Want to create a wow-worthy moment? Swap the fabric table runner for a fresh, fragrant flower runner. You’ll need flower tape, flower wire, a flower cutter and a bit of thought and care. For easy instructions, head on over here ( and get started on your masterpiece.

Spread magic

This time of year gives us permission to play Wham! and Mariah Carey all day, every day while we add a flourish here and there to the home. Make the most out of your bouquet by creating mini arrangements (placed in individual vases or as a set of three) and placing them in your favourite spots to be admired, a DIY garland for the mantlepiece or giving your bunch a second life as dried flowers ( for a stunning and sustainable addition to your Christmas corner.
 When it comes to classic colour combos, you can’t beat green, red and white but if you prefer a more contemporary take, shades of purple, pink and blue also work well along with gold and silver embellishments. 

Wrap it up 

Sometimes less is more when it comes to wrapping presents. Skip the prints and opt for simple elegance this year with brown kraft paper and a silk ribbon, complete with a floral finish. To get started, select your flowers/foliage, remove any moisture and trim them down based on the size of the gift. Once done, wrap your gift, tie the ribbon (tie the knot but leave enough to create a bow) and pop your flowers/foliage arrangement on top, securing with a second knot and completing the bow. Et voilà, a stylish and thoughtful way to show effort and love this giving season. 
Need to tick off your wishlist? Check out our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide ( 


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