Women's Health Week - 'Grow Your Knowledge'

Women's Health Week - 'Grow Your Knowledge'

By Rachel King

Women's Health Week - 'Grow Your Knowledge'

✿ Women's Health Week! ✿

As a female owner and predominantly female operated business, without women at Daily Blooms, the wheels fall off. This is why Women’s Health Week is important to us. This year the theme is ‘Grow Your Knowledge’ - we are constantly learning and evolving, we hold weekly team meetings where ideas are shared and all voices are equal. We’ve worked hard to cultivate an environment where sharing is part of our ethos.
At DB we are big foodies, whether we're enjoying a plate of afternoon nibbles or putting on a big birthday spread in the kitchen, bonding over things we enjoy is important to us. We believe this helps to cultivates a space for people to be be open and comfortable. From recipes to competitive Wordle stats to parenting tips. Our team have grown together and thrived.

We asked some of our team how they ‘Grow Their Knowledge’, here’s what they said... 

Like many people, the older I get the more interested and invested I have become in my health. My interests and knowledge are typically influenced by those around me. I love learning about how different people manage their nutrition, fitness and mental wellbeing. I have friends who are big advocates for ice baths, cold ocean swimming, infrared saunas, etc and I have other friends who are clinical dieticians. I take little bits from everyone and weave them into my life (although I’m yet to do any cold water/ice related activities!). Between running a business, managing a family and just the general busyness of life, making sure I have enough energy to get through the day is my priority. I like to exercise early in the morning before the world wakes up – it helps me feel stronger, happier and prepared to take on the day. Plus having that dedicated time entirely to myself is the best!

Thanks to the captivating realm of podcasts, this has assisted in discovering fresh avenues for knowledge. In the midst of daily life, I've seamlessly integrated podcasts into moments like morning prep, leisurely walks, and commutes. As a non-traditional reader, these audio journeys have become my preferred method to absorb diverse insights while tackling everyday tasks.
I have been diving deep into my hobbies and loving all the new things I am learning along the way, not just about the craft but about myself and what makes my mind tick. After recently becoming a mum, my life has changed dramatically, there is very little time in the day just for me. I have found so much joy in carving out a slice of time specifically to explore and be creative. Quilting, sewing, pressing flowers and knitting have been keeping me very busy but also very fulfilled. It’s amazing how much you can learn online for free!


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