Our biggest campaign EVER!

Our biggest campaign EVER!

By Rachel King

Our biggest campaign EVER!

Something BIG, Something BOLD, Something FUN!

This is one of our biggest projects to date - our very first Brand Awareness Campaign. If you're not up with the branding lingo, that's ok, neither are we… think of this campaign as us, Daily Blooms, putting our best foot forward, to you, our incredible customers, to say, Hey! We’re here, this is us and we’re doing things differently. Our mission is to deliver delight and ensure it is Beautiful For Longer - We Promise

Daily Blooms has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2014. From a single daily bouquet, we’ve blossomed into an impressive array of seasonal blooms, limited edition products, vase arrangements, charity partnerships, exciting brand collaborations, and a delightful gifting range. Our journey has been a thrill and surpassed all expectations, and it’s all thanks to your unwavering support, along with a truly talented and dedicated team.

This campaign started with an idea to set Daily Blooms out into the world. We wanted to make a statement that resonates far beyond the digital realm. So, we embarked on a mission to paint our beloved city with colour and chose the middle of a grey Melbourne winter to do it. Our objective was clear - to show you who we are, how we spread joy, and to visually tell our blossoming story.

To bring our vision to life, we handpicked the best and brightest minds to create something truly spectacular — an explosion of colour, armfuls of blooms, and the most infectious smiles you’ve ever seen. We’re so proud of what we have achieved, we couldn’t have pulled it off without our incredible team. Thank you! We hope you enjoy it.

If you reside in Melbourne, keep your eyes peeled because these beauties will be popping up all over the city from July 24th — if you happen to see them in the wild, we hope they make you smile. 

 Thank you to our incredible creative team 

Photography - Jess LaFrankie
Studio - Epic Studios
Styling - Jade Leung
Hair & Make-Up - Bernice Mansfield
Flowers - Daily Blooms
Models - Giant Management | Alessia Ferguson & Lilli Baxter


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