5 Reasons Why We Love Peonies

5 Reasons Why We Love Peonies

By Rachel King

5 Reasons Why We Love Peonies
It’s officially peony season and although short and sweet in Australia (it usually lasts 2 months, generally from late October to mid December), our fondness for this exquisite flower blooms all year long. A celebrated symbol of love and romance, it’s an omen for a long and happy marriage which explains its popularity at weddings. The traditional flower for 12th wedding anniversaries, it also represents honour, happiness and respect. 
Find out why this royal beauty, known as the “King of Flowers” has been universally adored for centuries and locally loved by our team. 

Shades of pretty

"Coral Charms would have to be my favourite variety of peony. You start with a beautiful shade of coral, then as the semi-double begins to open, you see a faded peach tone. Once they are fully bloomed, you're met with tones of soft lemon and cream. I enjoy the whole progression of colours!" 

– Bella, Head Florist

When flowers speak louder than words

A big, resplendent beauty that charms with its abundance of layers and strong fragrance, peonies represent only good and positive things. Generally symbolising love, different colours express different messages. While white peonies are the perfect choice for apologising and sending condolences; pink peonies convey good luck and prosperity; and red peonies stand for passion and honour.

The poetry of life 

"Peonies are such a beautiful reminder from nature to enjoy every little moment. They take their time to open and are incredible to watch at every stage of their bloom - as their millions of petals slowly unravel and their colour gracefully fades."

– Alice, Executive Assistant 

A long, rich and royal history 

Native to Asia, Europe and Western North American, peonies originated in China around 4000 years ago. A beloved flower of the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century, the Tang Emperor Xuanzong was so stunned by its beauty he asked the great poet Li Bai to write a poem about it.

Famed Peony, fairest Lady -- admiring each other are seen; 

The monarch's eyes, all smiles, always find you both, it seems.

Zephyr's endless moods melancholic, to dispel and dismiss, 

North of the Agar Pavilion, by the railing together you lean.

Cultivated in the imperial gardens, its popularity gradually spread throughout the country and by 1903, reached its peak when it was officiated as the national flower of China. A muse for the ages, its icon status can be seen throughout Chinese culture, art and history. 

An unfolding beauty 

"There is something about peonies that can make you feel special like no other flower. These blooms open from a rather understated tight little ball to the most fluffy, voluminous, pillowy flowers that absolutely take my breath away. I can't help but gush when I see them in full bloom."

– Courtney, Our Founder
There are so many more reasons why we love the peony but for now, we’ll let you come up with your own reasons with our limited-edition Peony Cones.


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