Daily Diaries: Meet Artist Bobby Clark

Daily Diaries: Meet Artist Bobby Clark

By Abigail Plester

Daily Diaries: Meet Artist Bobby Clark
Last month, we had the pleasure of working with Artist Bobby Clark from Melbourne. Her aesthetically pleasing Instagram featuring custom art pieces, Mum life and home styling had us all obsessed in the DB office - just take a look at how she styled our blooms!? 
We took the opportunity to ask her 6 questions to dig a little deeper...

(left) Image credit: Lara Cooper @hello_cooper_

(right and below) Image credit: Bobby Clark @bobbyclark___

What is a typical day in the life of Bobby Clark?

Everyday is different because I balance my week between being a mum, working in the studio and also working as the Creative Director for Little Company as well as the odd photography jobs and commission projects.
Every day always starts with a coffee with James before we go off on an adventure or I drop him at daycare to work. I love my mornings with him, so even if I am super busy we always have some time together every day. Studio days, I have a big drive to the studio so I usually listen to a good podcast on the way so I am somewhat mentally in the zone when I arrive.
On studio days I arrive, write a big list of what needs to be done in order of priority and get stuck in. On Monday's I am at Little Company, where I usually head in for sight visits in Collingwood where I will be shooting content or treatments, coordinating interior updates or buying.
On my days with James we tend to be chill but my version of chill which is not at all. We will eat breakfast and head out to the art gallery, park or somewhere fun like MOPA. 

Favourite type of flower and why?

Wild poppies are my favourite flower, they remind me of home. It's so hard to crown a favourite. I also love tulips, peonies, dysbuds, hydrangea, cosmos, orchids and little daisies.

What’s currently on your bedside table?

A big pile of art books: Artists at Home by Karina Dias Pires (which I am very to be in), Hery Matisse by Karl Buchberg, Agnes Martin by Arne Glimcher and the art of Tracey Emin. There's a sculpture by my husband Steve aka denHolm, a sippy cup and some of Jimmy's toy cars. 

Aside from a Daily Blooms bunch, what do you think is key to styling your living space well?

Great art, beautiful textiles, textured rugs and nice ceramics. I'm a bit of a maximalist trying to be a minimalist. 

Go-to gift option from Daily Blooms? 

The wine and chocolate combos. YAY Gift pack being the most recent one I purchased for a girlfriends birthdays.
Daily Blooms is my go to for almost missed birthdays and great for birthday or celebratory gifts to send to a friend’s work place. They always brighten people's day.   

What makes your home feel like home?

Wherever Steve, James and our dog Scout are, that's my home. But I do love all my things, my art books, my rugs and a giant big bunch of flowers on the dining room table. Coming home to fresh flowers is heaven.
Check out how Bobby styled her florals on our Instagram. Bobby styled our Spring Luxe Bouquet & Limited Edition Waratah Magic. Shop our current seasonal bouquets now.


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