Buy Yourself Flowers

Buy Yourself Flowers

By Rachel King

Buy Yourself Flowers

Daily Blooms is a female-founded and majority-female-operated business, we have such a varied team when it comes to age, ethnicity, sexuality, relationship status, and interests, some of us have kids, some of us have fur babies and some of us are content and thriving plant mums! One thing we all have in common though, is the daily grind that while necessary can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, with most of us referencing Covid as a catalyst for this feeling. Somehow, even though Covid was many moons ago, most of us have not stepped off the treadmill of life since then! Ooooph, no wonder we’re feeling tired.

Research shows that as we age, it feels like time moves faster and the years start to feel like they are passing us by… But did you know you can slow that feeling down by simply making small changes to your daily routine? 

These common feelings within our team got us thinking. In the modern world of advertising, marketing and millions of images entering our eyeballs each day, how can we create a campaign that actually makes people feel happier, less overstimulated and burnt out? And what better time to launch that campaign than in the depths of Winter!

Well, to our chilly, burnt-out friends who don’t find themselves in a European summer… Meet ‘Buy Yourself Flowers!’ our Winter Campaign that is taking place all July and is here is spread some joy when the days feel dark and a little lonely.

We will be taking to the streets to chat with strangers, taking our staff on a cute city date, giving away goodies, making fun limited edition merch and much, much more! 

BYF is not just a campaign to sell a product, it’s a movement to light the fires in our bellies, to do things that might feel, a little indulgent or even a little scary. 

We’re slowing down the clock and having a little fun in the meantime! 

To kick things off... here is our Buy Yourself Flowers Campaign shoot to delight the senses. 

Shop The Campaign Here
Buy Yourself Flowers!


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